Laura Birek

Hi, I'm Laura Birek

I'm a professional writer, web developer, and knitter living in Los Angeles, California.

I have a master's degree in professional writing, with a focus on screenwriting, from the University of Southern California. In 2008, I wrote the book Picture Perfect Knits (Chronicle Books), and have had articles published in magazines such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Knitscene and Interweave Knits. Please visit my writing page for more about my literary pursuits.

With over nine years of experience as a professional front-end web developer, I've built web sites of all shapes and sizes. If you need a new site or are looking for someone to help you update your existing web presence, check out my web developer page.

Knitting started as a hobby and has since turned into a great passion and career. I've published patterns in books, magazines, and on my blog, Nocturnal Knits. Click through to my knitter page to see pictures of my most recent creations and blog posts.

What's the deal?

People often ask me why I don't have separate web sites for my different professional endeavors. I suppose if I wanted targeted branding for each specific skill set I could have three different sites: one for writing, one for knitting, and one for web development.

The truth is I don't see the point in compartmentalizing myself in that way. All my endeavors inform my work, and I bring the same professionalism to every project, whether it's writing a magazine article, designing a knitting pattern, or developing a web site.

While my three jobs may seem disparate, I've always considered writing, web development, and knitting to be complementary pursuits. Each requires fastidious attention to detail, a specialized understanding of language (whether it's CSS, English grammar, or pattern abbreviations), and creativity.

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