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Laura Birek the Writer

With a B.A. in Literature and Theatre from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and a master's in professional writing from the University of Southern California with a focus on screenwriting, writing is my chosen career. While web development and knitting are passions and help pay the bills, my ultimate goal is to be a full-time professional writer.

I wrote Picture Perfect Knits in 2008, a trade paperback published by Chronicle Books. I am a regular contributor to Knitscene Magazine, having written seven profile articles and a number of additional features since 2010.

Under the tutelage of my graduate thesis advisor, Syd Field, I wrote two full-length screenplays. My full-length stage play, Beneath Her Feet (co-written with Jason Matthews) was produced by Above the Curve Theatre in 2008, and I've had numerous one-act plays produced in the L.A. area, including "The Drug Deal," "The Etchasketchist," "Sex and the City in 10 Minutes," and "You Know Who." My first full-length play, Hiding Places, was produced in Portland in 2003.

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